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BEET... helping our customers save energy

Boston Spa Energy Efficiency Trial (BEET) is a £1.3m energy efficiency trial  to help households and businesses in and around Boston Spa and Wetherby, Yorkshire, to reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions. Using our bespoke BEET-Box, from August 2022 to April 2023 we’ll harness data from local smart meters to optimise the network voltage. Put simply, we will safely turn voltage up and down to help customers save energy

BEET could help each of the 15,000 households and businesses in the area cut their energy bills by an average of £20 annually and their carbon emissions by 27kg a year – the equivalent of driving 100km. Nationally, the technology could cut UK energy bills by up to £500m and save 200,000 to two million tonnes of CO2.

Documents and resources

Download Documents
Read our frequently asked questions (FAQ) about BEET.
BEET technical innovation FAQ
Read our FAQ with technical details about BEET.
Leaflet to households in the trial area
View our leaflet which will be distributed to households and businesses in the BEET trial area.
Explore the trial area
View a map of the areas included in the BEET project.
Smart meter voltage measurement performance
View preliminary test results on voltage measurement from smart meters.
Literature review
View literature that helped inform our BEET innovation project.
Download Resources
BEET animation
View our short animation about BEET and its benefits.
Project NIA registration
View project Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) registration on the Energy Networks Association’s site.
BEET on our innovation page
Explore BEET and our other innovation projects.
Latest news
Read latest news from across Northern Powergrid

Get in Touch

To arrange a conversation with our Boston Spa Energy Efficiency Trial team, email or call 0800 011 3332.

You can also write to us at Stakeholder Relations, Northern Powergrid, 98 Aketon Road, Castleford, West Yorkshire WF10 5DS.