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13 January 2021


13 January 2021

As the COVID-19 vaccination programme ramps up and lockdown measures remain in place, energy workers, including Northern Powergrid, will continue their work in and around the communities they serve to keep the UK's energy flowing.

Since the beginning of the pandemic the electricity and gas network operators have been ensuring that everyone continues to receive a safe and reliable energy supply. This will not change. The work they do is critical to keeping the UK’s energy flowing, which is why the Government identifies their work as essential.

Network operators, like Northern Powergrid, know customers are relying on them to keep everyone safe and warm at home. They also understand that this is a difficult time for people and that everyone needs to work differently.  Network operators across the country will continue to prioritise:

  • keeping customers and colleagues safe,
  • keeping the UK’s energy flowing, and
  • looking after those most in need.

Many energy workers need to leave their homes to provide these essential services. Where colleagues have to leave their homes to carry out their jobs, COVID-19 Secure practices and social distancing guidelines issued by the UK Government apply.

Northern Powergrid is reminding local people that if they see its teams out and about in their local communities, it is because they are carrying out important work. This includes managing and maintaining the network that power peoples’ lives, local businesses, hospitals and supermarkets and completing crucial new connections to support customers and local economies.

Its teams continue to use COVID-19 Secure working practices and robust operating protocols so Northern Powergrid can support customers 24/7, 365 days a year throughout the pandemic. As critical workers its day-to-day operations continue to play a vital part in powering the wider pandemic response, including key vaccine sites across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire.

Northern Powergrid’s 24/7 contact centre remains ready to provide advice and support to customers who call 105, the free, power cut number. Any customers who do have a power cut are encouraged to check Northern Powergrid’s online power cut map and reporting tool via their mobile, and can use its 24/7 social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter (@NorthPowergrid) which provide updates and advice.

Customers who have a serious health condition, are medically dependent on electricity, of pensionable age, have very young children or have mental health or specific communication needs, and may need extra support in a power cut, should consider signing up to Northern Powergrid’s free Priority Services Membership. Customers can sign up friends or family – as well as themselves – at any time by visiting or calling 0800 169 2996.

As the Government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic develops, the UK’s network operators will continue to keep their activities under careful review. They will always take an approach which safeguards the health and wellbeing of their customers and colleagues, while maintaining a safe and reliable supply of energy.