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22 January 2021


22 January 2021

Northern Powergrid, the company that powers everyday life for 8 million people by delivering electricity to 3.9 million homes and businesses across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire, is tracking forecasts for further wintery weather over the coming weeks following Storm Christoph passing through its operating area.

The storm, which brought heavy rain across its operating area and snow over high ground, resulted in busy days for the network operator and its teams but thankfully did not cause flood damage to the network. Throughout the storm Northern Powergrid’s network performed well, delivering power to 99.99% of its customers, and its teams responded supporting those customers affected and restoring supplies as soon as possible.

As part of Northern Powergrid’s ‘always prepared’ approach, the network operator is tracking longer range forecasts for further potential severe weather over the coming weeks so it can ensure its resources and teams remain ready to respond if necessary.

Rod Gardner, Northern Powergrid’s head of operational performance improvement and the company’s major incident manager, said: "We’ve once again seen some very challenging weather conditions, including increased flood risks, thanks to Storm Christoph.

“Our robust preparations, which included closely monitoring our network, checking permanent flood defences installed at key sites across our network and ensuring our temporary flood defences, including high-capacity pumps and flood barriers were ready, meant we were well prepared.

“Whilst the storm did bring a very busy period, we didn’t see any major disruption to our network and we continued to successfully provide power to the vast majority of our customers throughout. 

“Our teams worked hard to support those customers who were affected ensuring their power was safely restored as soon as possible and they were kept updated.”

Rod continued: “Our role during this ongoing pandemic and current lockdown remains as critical as ever. We’re closely tracking the next band of weather so we can continue to provide services to customers and the communities we serve.”

Northern Powergrid is reminding local people that if they see its teams out and about in their communities, it is because they are carrying out important work. This includes managing and maintaining the network that power peoples’ lives, local businesses, hospitals and supermarkets and completing crucial new connections to support customers and local economies. 

Its teams continue to use COVID-19 Secure working practices and robust operating protocols so Northern Powergrid can support customers 24/7, 365 days a year throughout the pandemic. As critical workers its day-to-day operations continue to play a vital part in powering the wider pandemic response, including key vaccine sites across the region.

Northern Powergrid’s 24/7 contact centre remains ready to provide advice and support to customers who call 105, the free, power cut number. Any customers who do have a power cut are encouraged to check Northern Powergrid’s online power cut map and reporting tool via their mobile, and can use its 24/7 social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter (@NorthPowergrid) which provide updates and advice. 

Customers who have a serious health condition, are medically dependent on electricity, of pensionable age, have very young children or have mental health or specific communication needs, and may need extra support in a power cut, should consider signing up to Northern Powergrid’s free Priority Services Membership. Customers can sign up friends or family – as well as themselves – at any time by visiting or calling 0800 169 2996.