Northern Powergrid

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Long term developmentNorthern Powergrid, the company responsible for keeping the power flowing to 3.9 million homes and businesses, has published the May 2022 update to the November Long-Term Development Statement (LTDS), for both its Northeast licence and Yorkshire licence areas.

The LTDS contains network information to assist existing and future users of the Northern Powergrid system to assess opportunities available for development projects that require new or additional connections.

The LTDS has been compiled in accordance with Standard Condition 25 of the Electricity Distribution Licence. The LTDS Summary can be accessed on the Northern Powergrid LTDS webpage.

Anyone wishing to access the statement can apply by emailing, giving their name as well as company name and address, contact details and the reason for accessing the LTDS. A link to a secure FTP site, with a username and password, will be sent within 5 working days which will be sufficient to enable the download of the LTDS files.                                                                            

Benefits for customers and stakeholders:

  • Improves the availability of information relating to the Northern Powergrid system;
  • Furnishes developers with sufficient information to carry out initial assessments of system capability;
  • Increases visibility of our current distribution system development proposals; and
  • Informs customers and stakeholders of the correct points of contact within Northern Powergrid for specific enquiries relating to the LTDS.

Anyone wishing to provide feedback on the LTDS publications can email Northern Powergrid at