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Powering Green Recovery

We are investing £53m to unlock network capacity for green growth-boosting projects across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire. The multimillion-pound investment will accelerate green growth and job creation and is part of a national Green Recovery Scheme that saw up to £300m made available for investment in vital electricity network across the country.

The investment will help with the response to the climate emergency by creating additional network capacity to enable decarbonisation, regeneration and connection of large-scale renewable generation. It will boost economic activity to bring forward more green jobs and enable our region to be a leader in clean energy growth.

Documents and Resources

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Open letter on Green Recovery investment
Open letter on the £53m of accelerated network investment we are making as part of the national Green Recovery Scheme, including the list of selected projects - amended 28 May 2021.
Proposed Green Recovery Scheme investment in Seaham
Information on our proposed £8.5m investment in Seaham's power network made possible through the Green Recovery Scheme.
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Energy Network's Association
Britain’s energy networks are working with Ofgem to unlock around £300m to support a green economic recovery.
Demand network availability heat map
Our heat map provide a high level indication of the network capability to connect additional demand.
Generation network availability heat map
Our heat map provides a high level indication of the network capability to connect additional generation.

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View the list of projects set to benefit from green-growth boosting investment here

For questions on the Green Recovery Scheme and all short listed projects email