Northern Powergrid

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Our Priority Services Membership

At Northern Powergrid, we are extremely passionate about customer service. We realise that a power cut can be an inconvenience to your life, but for some people it can be much more than that.

In order for us to provide additional support to our customers who need it the most, we have a Priority Services  Membership (PSM). Our customers can choose to sign up themselves, a family member or friend, if they feel they need extra support in a power cut, which could be for various reasons. If you would like to be added, you can submit your application online.

Why should I join?

You may rely on medical equipment, such as a Home Kidney Dialysis Machine or Oxygen Concentrator, and even a short power cut could cause a significant impact to your health or well-being.

You may require alternative methods of communication if you are hearing or sight impaired. There may also be other reasons that you need us to communicate with you in a different way; for example, English may not be your first language.

You may have a medical condition that restricts your ability to move, or perhaps are recovering from a serious operation or illness. An interruption to your power could hinder your recovery, or mean that you would be unable to care for yourself for a prolonged period of time.

You may need additional advice and support if you are elderly, have young children or customers whose household is in fuel poverty, as you may find a power cut more difficult to deal with.

What can Northern Powergrid do for me?

Due to our customers having a wide range of requirements, we are always trying to find new ways to tailor the services we provide to an individual need. There are, however, some services that all our Priority Services customers receive:

  • You are able to use a special priority phone number, available 24 hours a day, which you can call should you need to report a power cut. This number gets you through to one of our specially trained advisors straightaway. For your reference, that number is 0800 169 2996
  • Our teams will keep in contact with you throughout your power cut, to ensure that you are okay and keep you updated. In some circumstances we can send one of our Customer Support Vehicles to your area to support you further; these can provide hot drinks, snacks and charging points during longer power cuts.
  • Our teams will provide you with advanced and appropriate notice if we need to turn your power off to carry out planned work, and we will keep in touch with you throughout the time your power is off.

Being a member also means that you may benefit from our partnership with the British Red Cross. They can support you by providing you with an emergency pack (torch, flask, and blanket) or by visiting your home should you need additional assistance, or just someone to talk to for emotional support. 

Our Partnership with the British Red Cross

The British Red Cross helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. They are part of a global voluntary network, responding to conflicts, natural disasters and individual emergencies. They enable vulnerable people in the UK and abroad to prepare for, and withstand, emergencies in their own communities. And when the crisis is over, they help them to recover and move on with their lives.

Northern Powergrid have partnered with the Red Cross to provide practical and emotional support services to customers who need extra support during a power cut. The partnership is designed to run alongside the support services that Northern Powergrid provide, and, like the priority services offered, is tailored to each individual customers’ needs.

The Red Cross can offer our customers emotional support during this disruption to their lives, either over the telephone or, in some circumstances, in person. They can also visit customers who may need more practical support, such as providing them with a blanket, torch, or hot water.

Our contact centre advisors will listen to any concerns or worries you have during a power cut, and will offer the Red Cross services to you if they feel they can help you.