Northern Powergrid

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Getting Access to our Records

Our infrastructure supplies power to homes and businesses across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire. Our networks consist of overhead lines, underground cables and other connected equipment that can be situated both above and below ground.

We appreciate that the development work of others  can come close to, and often cross, this infrastructure. It’s therefore important we ensure the safety of those carrying out these works and facilitate an efficient system to give access to our records for those working in proximity to our equipment if required.

  • Distribution Network Records

    We have just completed the development of our new Safedig2 system which brings together our two legacy processes for the North East and Yorkshire in to one new, easily accessible and simple to use systems that is compatible with modern browsers.

    Benefits of using Safedig2 

    • every user will have their own unique login and password, increasing security and ease of use
    • the new technology is compatible with modern browsers
    • you can access Safedig2 plans for both the North East and Yorkshire through one system
    • choice of three methods, depending on the size of your enquiry, for selecting the area you require
  • How to Register and/or login

    We need to take some details when you register; a valid email address will be required and authenticated before access is granted so please check your details are correct upon submission.

    Login or Register here to access your Safedig2 account.

    We're really interested in receiving your feedback during the first stage release, so if you have any questions  or comments please email and we'll be in touch.